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Stunning White Sapphire Engagement Rings

a white sapphire engagement rings with a square cut like a diamond

The white sapphire diamond rings are a sharp expression of uniqueness in contrast to the conventional diamond rings. White sapphires are like diamonds using brilliance but they are different by price. They are much cheaper than diamonds. These sometimes flash a little sparkle and have transparent features; therefore, they make an ideal choice for engagement rings.

The durability of white sapphires makes them a perfect choice for engagement rings, hence you must take expectations such as the cut of the stone, clarity, color, and carat weight into consideration. White sapphires are known to come in different forms including rounded, brilliant-cut, cushion, and emerald-cut which you can find that match your personal choices.

From the setting perspective, white sapphires are generally set with white metals such as platinum, white gold, or sterling silver, to enlighten the brilliance of the gemstone and achieve everlasting design. Among the prevalent styles to pick from are the solitaire, halo, pave, and vintage-inspired sets.

It is necessary to recognize that white sapphires are generally durable in their nature, but the fact is they are not as tough as diamonds and hence you need to be careful while wearing them so that they maintain their splendor in the long run. The frequent routine cleaning and the occasional professional care can ensure your white sapphire before work.

White Sapphire

a silver engagement ring with white sapphire

Corundum is the name given to a type of natural stone widely used in making jewelry. Its colors range from a transparent state to whatever color the rest is depending on the difference in chemical structure. Blue sapphires are famous to have been on the ring fingers of many famed women around the world; for instance, the blue sapphire used by Prince Charles in his engagement ring, and also the same gem found again in the choker worn on the cosmetic dress.

Why choose white sapphire engagement rings?

a white sapphire engagement ring on a stand

White sapphire also has the distinction of coming as close to the appearance of a natural diamond as we can without using the cash associated with diamonds, which is economically wise in these hard times. They are like the stars in the sky, sparky and very strong but also elegant and flexible enough to make designs that can be passed from one generation to the next generation. For any of you who appreciate crystals, sapphires have been said to possess major spiritual meaning, used for protection, and the same here, I know, who wouldn’t want the lap of luxury, right?

Why not choose white sapphire engagement rings?

a engagement ring with a white sapphire in the center

Now let’s explore the other side, why not choose white sapphire engagement rings?

The diamonds, not me, I’m not being jealous, just no! Sapphires are no competition to diamonds. For one thing, the stones generally appear less magnificent. Also, they no longer have the clean cut that diamonds have, either they get cloudy or yellowish over time. This time they don’t even pass as canary diamonds. Consequently, this might spike the premature care requirement, compared to with diamond setting.

One thing is for sure, i.e even the first time you put on the white sapphire and that sits at a place to compare it with a diamond, no white sapphire just won’t sparkle or shine as bright as a diamond, and so they are not the best match if you are looking for dupes. It’s allegedly a dug stone, and so being mined stone doesn’t make any difference to the environmental and social effects mining communities are going through, which is the same as those mining communities are suffering as a result of diamond mining.

Ideal white sapphire engagement ring

a close up of a white sapphire engagement ring

Just like other stones, white sapphire can be placed in different metal patterns and may also be attached to any setting design. The choice between a genuine sapphire and a diamond usually comes own of economic factors and because a sapphire does not shine as nicely as the diamonds, then it is a stone, which should be in big carat weight with a contrasting metal color in order to tone that yellow-ish color, which may appear. Even if so, the cost is still relative to the quality, and white sapphires are far cheaper than diamond look-alikes and moissanite.

White sapphire engagement ring vs. diamond

a collage of two rings, white sapphire engagement ring and diamond ring

Rihanna’s hit song “Shine Bright Like a Diamond” didn’t mention a white sapphire that pretends to be a diamond but remains a dull stone, whereas the specificity of “Shine Bright Like a Diamond” is that the stone has to be authentic, with sparkle and shine above everything. The diamonds are first because they have a high refractory index which is the maximum factor for “giver sparkle”.

As I hope, you already know that diamonds are among the hardest (the hardness is measured by a 10 on the Mohs scale) and sapphires are tiered a 9 (the hardness index is also 9) but both of them are durable enough for the jewelry to be worn daily – though, the good look of diamonds will be prevailing in time.

(FAQs) about White Sapphire Engagement Rings

Q1. Are white sapphire engagement rings tacky?

Compared to regular engagement rings, white sapphire engagement rings are not tacky at all. They belong in a category of perennial trends that look truly timeless and vintage while also modern, as long as the design that you pick fits your look. If you are worried that your ring may look tawdry on your finger, there will be instances wherein a simple design will do.

Q2. Are white sapphires good for engagement rings?

Yes! Despite their less heavenly shine, there is an enjoyment to be found in the clear, white light of the white sapphire coupled with their exceptional durability. The white sapphires do come across people because of their beauty and strength and can go with gold jewelry like engagement rings or wedding bands. Advertently or not, every sort of ring style incorporates white sapphires, though this choice is the epitome of radiance.

Q3. Is white sapphire a good engagement ring?

Sapphires have a high level of durability. On the Mohs Scale of mineral hardness, sapphires are ranked ninth. They are ranked tenth, very nearly behind diamonds. Accordingly, white sapphire engagement rings are perfect for engagement since they can tolerate a lot of daily wear and tear.

Q4. Is white sapphire good for an engagement ring?

Indeed! White sapphires are valued for their bright, white light and durability, even if they are not as brilliant as diamonds. White sapphires are a beautiful and strong gemstone that may be worn every day in jewelry such as wedding bands or engagement rings. White sapphires are a gorgeous option for any ring style.

Q5. Where to buy a white sapphire engagement ring?

You can purchase white sapphire engagement rings from Amazon.

a group of white sapphire engagement rings

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